Doctrine and Covenants Class (2009)


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         DC002 Dissecting D&C 2 (Prophecy of Elijah)

         DC020 Baptismal Covenant

         DC008 Revelation Spectrum

         DC020 Sacrament Symbolism

         DC010 Blueprint for Restoration

         DC17 8 Rís of Repentance

         DC014 Significant Stories

         DC29 Great Signs in the Heavens

         DC027 Whole Armor of God

         DC31 Marsh Obituary

         DC007 Translated Beings

         DC35 Fighting Manfully

         DC057 Indpendence Platt

         DC76 Poetic Version (Large)

         DC77 Parallel Weeks & Days in Earthís History

         DC76 Poetic Version(Small)

         DC78 Code Names

         DC87 Lincolnís Prayer Proclamation

         DC88 Seeing the Father and the Son

         DC93 Diary of President Adams and Son


Additional Handouts From Toad

     To the Mothers in Zion - Benson

         Christ and the Creation - McConkie

     14 Fundamentals of Following the Prophet - Benson

         D&C 76 Poetic Version

         D&C 76 Clyde Williams Notes

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