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These are Brother Scott Read’s notes from his institute classes. Two formats are provided. The standard web (HTML) format should be used to view these notes online. If you want to download them to your computer for reading and printing, I recommend using the PDF format. PDF files are formatted to use less paper and provide a neater appearance.


Notes from

Doctrines of the Gospel (2006)

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Notes from

Book of Mormon


Notes from

Doctrine and Covenants (2009)




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Scott Read’s notes are here because I believe they are of great worth, and he needed a place for his students to find them online.  This does not imply his endorsement of any other portion of this web site. 


To view the HTML version

Click on the document name.  To return to this page after viewing the document, use the back arrow in your browser.


To download the PDF version

RIGHT Click (once) on PDF. You should then see a list of options. Left click “Save target as” or “Save link as” or similar option, depending on which web browser you use. The Save As dialog window will appear and allow you to change the name of the document and/or choose the location to save it. Make sure you keep track of where you save it. After saving it, minimize or exit you r browser and double click the saved file. This should launch Acrobat Reader which will allow you to read and print the file. Most computers have Acrobat (the program that reads PDF files) installed on them. If yours doesn’t, download it from


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