Book of Mormon


Concerning this record the Prophet Joseph Smith said:  “I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.”(Joseph Smith, TPJS pg.194)

Book of Mormon Defined

(Title page of the Book of Mormon; Introduction page of the Book of Mormon; AF #8)

01 – “The Book of Mormon was designed by Deity to bring men to Christ and to His church.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, March 1986, pg. 5)

Three Reasons Concerning the Book of Mormon

1 - The most correct of any book on earth

2 - The keystone of our religion

3 - A man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book

KEYSTONE:  The wedge shaped stone at the top of the arch that binds the work; properly, the fastening stone (Webster-1828)

Three Ways the Book of Mormon is a Keystone (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, October 1986 pg. 3-7)

1 - Keystone in our witness of Christ

2 - Keystone of our doctrine

3 - Keystone of our testimony

1 - Keystone in our witness of Christ – (Jacob 7:9-11; Mosiah 13:33)

Gives & Answers:  “The Great Question” - (Q=Alma 34:5-6; A=2 Nephi 25:26)

(Neal A Maxwell, The Book of Mormon:  First Nephi, The Doctrinal Foundation, pg. 1)

Concerning Book of Mormon references to Christ:

Book of Mormon verses = 6,604 (3,471 speak of Jesus Christ); Some form appears every 1.7 verses, 101 forms [names/titles] of Jesus Christ

Book of Mormon quotes 433 verses of Isaiah; 391 of the 433 speak concerning Christ

2 - Keystone of our doctrine

A - Doctrine of the fall

02 – “No one adequately and properly knows why he needs Christ until he understands and accepts the doctrine of the Fall and its effect upon all mankind. And no other book in the world explains this vital doctrine nearly as well as the Book of Mormon.”  (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, May 1987 pg. 85)

B - Doctrine of the atonement

03 – “In the Book of Mormon the word atone in form and tense appears fifty‑five times…Only once in the New Testament—What better witness that the Book of Mormon is indeed another testament of Jesus Christ?” (Boyd K. Packer, Ensign, May 1988 pg. 70)

04 – “The Book of Mormon is the keystone in our witness of Jesus Christ, who is Himself the cornerstone of everything we do. It bears witness of His reality with power and clarity. Unlike the Bible, which passed through generations of copyists, translators, and corrupt religionists who tampered with the text, the Book of Mormon came from writer to reader in just one inspired step of translation. Therefore, its testimony of the Master is clear, undiluted, and full of power. But it does even more. Much of the Christian world today rejects the divinity of the Savior. They question His miraculous birth, His perfect life, and the reality of His glorious resurrection. The Book of Mormon teaches in plain and unmistakable terms about the truth of all of those. It also provides the most complete explanation of the doctrine of the Atonement. Truly, this divinely inspired book is a keystone in bearing witness to the world that Jesus is the Christ.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1986 pg. 6)

C - Doctrine of the resurrection

05 – The Book of Mormon is also the keystone of the doctrine of the Resurrection.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1986 pg. 6)

3- Keystone of our testimony-

Law of Witnesses - “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established” (Deut. 19:15, 2 Cor. 13:1, D&C 6:28, etc)

2 or 3 sets of witnesses

A - 3 Witnesses or Spiritual set

1- Plates shown by an angel

2- Saw plates/engravings

3- Voice testifies of translation

4- Lord himself spoke to them

B - 8 Witnesses or Physical set

1- Plates shown by Joseph Smith

2- Handled the “gold” plates

3- Recognized it as curious workmanship

C - Joseph Smith or a Spiritual and Physical witness

All 10 are applicable

06 – “Perhaps there is nothing that testifies more clearly of the importance of this modern book of scripture than what the Lord Himself has said about it.

By His own mouth He has borne witness (1) that it is true (D&C 17:6), (2) that it contains the truth and His words (D&C 19:26), (3) that it was translated by power from on high (D&C 20:8), (4) that it contains the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ (D&C 20:9, D&C 42:12), (5) that it was given by inspiration and confirmed by the ministering of angels (D&C 20:10), (6) that it gives evidence that the holy scriptures are true (D&C 20:11), and (7) that those who receive it in faith shall receive eternal life (D&C 20:14).” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1986, pg. 4)

07 – This is God’s testimony of the Book of Mormon. In it Deity himself has laid his godhood on the line. Either the book is true or God ceases to be God. There neither is nor can be any more formal or powerful language known to men or gods.” (Bruce R. McConkie, Ensign, May 1982, pg. 33)

08 – “The title-page of the Book of Mormon is a literal translation, taken from the very last leaf, on the left-hand side of the collection or book of plates.” (Joseph Smith, HC 1:71)

09 – “There was no Greek or Latin (Mormon 9:34) and that the word 'Mormon' was independent of the wisdom and learning of this generation.  'Mormon'= More Good.”  (Joseph Smith, HC 5:399-400)

10 – “A second powerful testimony to the importance of the Book of Mormon is to note where the Lord placed its coming forth in the timetable of the unfolding Restoration.  The only thing that preceded it was the First Vision.  In that marvelous manifestation, the Prophet Joseph Smith learned the true nature of God and that God had a work for him to do.  The coming forth of the Book of Mormon was the next thing to follow. Think of that in terms of what it implies.  The coming forth of the Book of Mormon preceded the restoration of the priesthood.  It was published just a few days before the Church was organized.  The Saints were given the Book of Mormon to read before they were given the revelations outlining such great doctrines as the three degrees of glory, celestial marriage, or work for the dead.  It came before priesthood quorums and Church organization.  Doesn't this tell us something about how the Lord views this sacred work?”  (Ezra Taft Benson, A Witness and A Warning, pg. 16)

Prophecies Concerning the Book of Mormon

(Psalms 85:11; Isaiah 45:8; Ezekiel 37:15-20; D&C 45:56-57; D&C 84:101; Moses 7:60-62; Revelation 12:16)

11 – “The Book of Mormon is the instrument that God designed to ‘sweep the earth as with a flood, to gather out [His] elect.’ (Moses 7:62) This sacred volume of scripture needs to become more central in our preaching, our teaching, and our missionary work....

The time is long overdue for a massive flooding of the earth with the Book of Mormon for the many reasons which the Lord has given.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1988, pg. 4-5)

12 – “And now, I ask, how righteousness and truth are going to sweep the earth as with a flood? I will answer. Men and angels are to be co-workers in bringing to pass this great work, and Zion is to be prepared...” (Joseph Smith, TPJS, pg. 84)

Presenting and Proving the Book of Mormon

(1 Nephi 13:39-40; 2 Nephi 3:11-12; Mormon 7:8-9; D&C 20:11; JS-H 1:2, 6, 9, 12)

(3 Nephi 26:6-11; Moroni 10:4-5; D&C 84:54-57)

13 – We do not have to prove the Book of Mormon is true. The book is its own proof. All we need to do is read it and declare it! The Book of Mormon is not on trial C the people of the world, including the members of the Church, are on trial as to what they will do with this second witness for Christ.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1984, pg. 8)

14 – We can not but think the Lord has a hand in... proving the Book of Mormon true in the eyes of all the people.  It will be as it ever has been, the world will prove Joseph Smith a true prophet by circumstantial evidence, in experiments...” (Joseph Smith, TPJS, pg. 267)

15 – We are not required to prove that the Book of Mormon is true or is an authentic record through external evidences C though there are many. It never has been the case, nor is it so now, that the studies of the learned will prove the Book of Mormon true or false. The origin, preparation, translation, and verification of the truth of the Book of Mormon have all been retained in the hands of the Lord, and the Lord makes no mistakes. You can be assured of that.”  (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, May 1987, pg. 83‑84)

16 – “...[the] challenge is not to prove that the Book of Mormon is true but to prove to God that [you] are true. When [you] do this, [you] will know that the book is true. And when [you] prove that [you] will do what it says, God will tell [you] more. You remember, the book puts it this way: 3 Nephi 26:9-11.

Over and over again you will have the experience, as you read the Book of Mormon, that before God will give you light, he will ask if you have already believed what he has given you. As you prove the Book of Mormon… you will realize it is not arguments you read. It is not even great examples or wonderful moving stories. Those will help, and they will hold [your] attention...But [you]...will prove the Book of Mormon, as [you] will prove all scripture, by...saying, ‘I believe it is true; I will try it.’  Once [you] have proved [yourself] to God, then the proof will come to [you] because [you] will see the spiritual fruit...

I bear you my testimony that the book is written in such a way that [you] will feel there are principles [you] should try...As you read it, you...will know some things you should do.  As you do them, you will have greater light given to you because you will have proved that you believe. I bear testimony that however much you have learned from the Book of Mormon before, you should read it again and prove it. Prove it by proving yourself. Do the things you feel impressed to do and you will find things in it that you have never seen before.” (Henry B. Eyring, CES Symposium 1990, The Book of Mormon Will Change Your Life, pg. 4-5)

17 – Now the Lord has placed us on probation as members of the Church. He has given us the Book of Mormon, which is the lesser part, to build up our faith through our obedience to the counsels which it contains, and when we ourselves, members of the Church, are willing to keep the commandments as they have been given to us and show our faith as the Nephites did for a short period of time, then the Lord is ready to bring forth the other record and give it to us, but we are not ready now to receive it. Why? Because we have not lived up to the requirements in this probationary state in the reading of the record which had been given to us and in following its counsels.” (Joseph Fielding Smith, CR, October 1961, pg. 20)

18 – The Book of Mormon must be reenthroned in the minds and hearts of our people. We must honor it by reading it, by studying it, by taking its precepts into our lives and transforming them into lives required of the true followers of Christ. Speaking of the central role of the Book of Mormon in our worship, President Joseph Fielding Smith said:

‘It seems to me that any member of this Church would never be satisfied until he or she had read the Book of Mormon time and time again, and thoroughly considered it so that he or she could bear witness that it is in very deed a record with the inspiration of the Almighty upon it, and that its history is true....

No member of this Church can stand approved in the presence of God who has not seriously and carefully read the Book of Mormon’ (CR, October 1961, pg. 18).” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1986, pg. 80)

19 – Now, we have not been using the Book of Mormon as we should. Our homes are not as strong unless we are using it to bring our children to Christ. Our families may be corrupted by worldly trends and teachings unless we know how to use the book to expose and combat the falsehoods in socialism, organic evolution, rationalism, humanism, etc. Our missionaries are not as effective unless they are ‘hissing forth’ with it. Social, ethical, cultural, or educational converts will not survive under the heat of the day unless their taproots go down to the fullness of the gospel which the Book of Mormon contains. Our Church classes are not as spirit‑filled unless we hold it up as a standard. And our nation will continue to degenerate unless we read and heed the words of the God of this land, Jesus Christ, and quit building up and upholding the secret combinations which the Book of Mormon tells us proved the downfall of both previous American civilizations.” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, May 1975, pg. 65)

20 – Do not wonder at your sons and daughters going astray and losing the faith, when they do not read the word of God.” (George Q. Cannon, CR, October 1897, pg. 40)

21 – Do eternal consequences rest upon our response to this book?  Yes, either to our blessing or our condemnation.  Every Latter-day Saint should make the study of this book lifetime pursuit.  Otherwise he is placing his soul in jeopardy and neglecting that which could give spiritual and intellectual unity to his whole life.”  (Ezra Taft Benson, A Witness and a Warning, pg.7-8)

22 – I have noted within the church the difference in discernment, in insight, conviction, and spirit between those who know and love the Book of Mormon and those who do not.  That book is a great sifter.”  (Ezra Taft Benson, New Era, May 1975, pg.19)

23 – I fear that many of us rush about from day to day taking for granted the holy scripture.  We scramble to honor appointments with physicians, lawyers, and businessmen.  Yet we think nothing of postponing interviews with Deity C postponing scripture study.  Little wonder we develop anemic souls and lose our direction in living.  How much better it would be if we planned and held sacred fifteen or twenty minutes a day for reading the scriptures.  Such interviews with Deity would help us recognize his voice and enable us to receive guidance in all our affairs.

We must look to God through the scriptures.”  (Carlos E. Asay, Ensign, November 1978, pg. 53-54)

24 – “Often we spend great effort in trying to increase the activity levels in our stakes.  We work diligently to raise the percentages of those attending sacrament meetings.  We labor to get a higher percentage of our young men on missions.  We strive to improve the numbers of those marrying in the temple.  All of these are commendable efforts and important to the growth of the kingdom.  But when individual members and families immerse themselves in the scriptures regularly and consistently, these other areas of activity will automatically come.  Testimonies will increase.  Commitment will be strengthened.  Families will be fortified. Personal revelation will flow... Success in righteousness, the power to avoid deception and resist temptation, guidance in our souls – these are but  a few of the promises the Lord has given to those who will come to His word.  Does the Lord promise and not fulfill?  Surely if he tells us that these things will come to us if we lay hold upon His word, then the blessings can be ours.  And if we do not, then the blessings may be lost.  However diligent we may be in other areas, certain blessings are to be found only in the scriptures, only in coming to the word of the Lord and holding fast to it as we make our way through the mists of darkness to the tree of life”  (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, May 1986, pg.81-82)

25 – Sometimes it seems we take the scriptures too much for granted because we do not fully appreciate how rare a thing it is to possess them, and how blessed we are because we do have them.  We seem to have settled so comfortably into our experiences in this world and become so accustomed to hearing the gospel taught among us that is hard for us to imagine it could ever have been otherwise” (Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, September 1976, pg. 2)

26 – Concerning the witnesses of the Book of Mormon, Elder Sterling W. Sill declared: “I said to my friend, ‘If you were on trial for your life and you had this kind of testimony out against you, you wouldn’t have a chance.  This kind of testimony where eleven men say they saw and they heard and they know would be accepted in any court of law, either human or divine.’  And I patted him on the leg again and said, ‘Now my friend, I think you have great abilities, but if you understand this testimony then I don’t think you have enough courage to disbelieve in the Book of Mormon....  And I would say about anyone in this assembly who understands this testimony that he would not dare disbelieve the Book of Mormon or disobey its counsel” (Sterling W. Sill, Salt Lake Institute of Religion Devotional, October 26, 1973, Mormon and Moroni, pg. 8-9)

Book of Mormon Value

(Alma 31:5; D&C 20:8-36)

27 – “ the Book of Mormon we find a pattern for preparing for the Second Coming... From the Book of Mormon we learn how disciples of Christ live in times of war. From the Book of Mormon we see the evils of secret combinations portrayed in graphic and chilling reality. In the Book of Mormon we find lessons for dealing with persecution and apostasy. We learn much about how to do missionary work. And more than anywhere else, we see in the Book of Mormon the dangers of materialism and setting our hearts on the things of the world. Can anyone doubt that this book was meant for us and that in it we find great power, great comfort, and great protection?” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1986, pg. 7)

28 – “No man can say that this book (laying his hand on the Bible) is true, is the word of the Lord, is the way, is the guide-board in the path, and a charter by which we may learn the will of God; and at the same time say, that the Book of Mormon is untrue; if he has had the privilege of reading it, or of hearing it read, and learning its doctrines.  There is not that person on the face of the earth who has had the privilege of learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ from these two books, that can say that one is true and the other is false.  No Latter-day Saint, no man or woman, can say the Book of Mormon is true, and at the same time say that the Bible is untrue.  If one be true, both are; and if one be false, both are false.” (Brigham Young, JD, 1:38)

29 – “No person can read this book, according to the prescribed pattern, and not know that it is true. No person can read this book, in the way Moroni directed, without getting in his heart the absolute, certain, sure knowledge that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. No person can read this book and learn of its divinity ‘. . . by the power of the Holy Ghost . . .’ (Moroni 10:5), without knowing that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God and that this Church, as now constituted, organized, and set up is God’s kingdom on earth.”  (Bruce R. McConkie, CR, April 1961, pg. 40)

30 – Brethren and sisters, if there are miracles among us, certainly one of them is this book.  Unbelievers may doubt the First Vision and say there were no witnesses to prove it. Critics may scorn every divine manifestation incident to the coming forth of this work as being of such an intangible nature as to be unproveable to the pragmatic mind, as if the things of God could be understood other than by the Spirit of God. They may discount our theology. But they cannot in honesty dismiss the Book of Mormon.  It is here.  They can feel it.  They can read it.  They can weigh its substance and its content.  They can witness its influence.” (Gordon B. Hinckley, CR, October 1959, pg. 118)

31 – A bad man could not have fabricated such an inspiring book and a good man would not have done so.” (Jeffrey R. Holland, CES address, August 9, 1994)

32 – “Few men on earth,” said Elder Bruce R. McConkie, ‘either in or out of the Church, have caught the vision of what the Book of Mormon is all about. Few are they among men who know the part it has played and will yet play in preparing the way for the coming of Him of whom it is a new witness. …The Book of Mormon shall so affect men that the whole earth and all its peoples will have been influenced and governed by it… There is no greater issue ever to confront mankind in modern times than this: Is the Book of Mormon the mind and will and voice of God to all men?’ (Millennial Messiah pp. 159, 170, 179)” (Ezra Taft Benson, Ensign, November 1988, pg. 5)

33 – “...I had a conversation with another would‑be censor of our sacred books. He accosted me on the street with the question:  ‘Bishop Whitney, do you believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God?’  ‘I certainly do,’ said I.  ‘Well, can’t God speak grammatically?’  ‘Of course he can.’  ‘Then why was this grammatical error left in the Book of Mormon?’ C and he quoted it.  ‘Do you really want to know?’  ‘Yes,’ he said.  ‘Well, I think that was left there just to keep you out of the Church.’

He seemed surprised:  ‘Doesn’t God want me in his Church?’  ‘No,’ I said; ‘he only wants honest seekers after truth; and if you think more of a grammatical error than you do of your soul’s salvation, you are not fit for the kingdom of heaven, and the Lord doesn’t want you.’

He was astonished. It was something he hadn’t thought of. He felt very much as Goliath did when the stone sank into his forehead C such a thing had never entered his head before.”  (Orson F. Whitney, CR, April 1926, pg.35)

34 – “One marvel is the very rapidity with which Joseph was translating C at an estimated average rate of eight of our printed pages per day! The total translation time was about 65 working days. (Ensign, January 1988, pg. 47)  By comparison, one able LDS translator in Japan, surrounded by reference books, language dictionaries, and translator colleagues ready to help if needed, indicated that he considered an output of one careful, final page a day to be productive. And he is retranslating from earlier Japanese to modern Japanese! More than 50 able English scholars labored for seven years, using previous translations, to produce the King James Version of the Bible, averaging about one precious page per day.

The Prophet Joseph Smith would sometimes produce 10 pages per day! (see the bulletin Insights: An Ancient Window [Provo, Utah: Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.), Feb. 1986], 1).

Classic Stories of the Influence of the Book of Mormon in Conversion

35 – “When I was working at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, two professional colleagues, a husband and wife, asked me about the Mormons.  I gave them a preliminary overview and lent them my Book of Mormon.  After about a week they returned the book to me and said, ‘Thanks a lot.’

I said, ‘What do you mean, ‘Thanks a lot?’’  As one who deeply loves this book, I felt that was an inadequate response.

‘Perhaps you didn’t really read the book,’ I said. ‘Please take it back and read it.  When you have read it, I would very much appreciate knowing of your feelings and insight.’

They retrieved the book, acknowledging that they had only thumbed the pages.  About three weeks later they came back with tears in their eyes and said, ‘We know this book is true.  How can we learn more?’

Then I said, ‘Now I know you’ve read the book.  Now we can proceed.’  In due course, they were baptized.

The Book of Mormon had great convincing power as another witness for Jesus Christ.  There is not other explanation for its existence than that which the Prophet Joseph Smith gave.” (Russell M. Nelson, Russell M. Nelson, Father, Surgeon, Apostle, pg. 118)

36 – “A new convert to the Church recently shared this story:  ‘I was in and out of enforced confinement most of my teen years.  It wasn’t so bad being there because the food was pretty good, and we were treated all right.  But is did get boring, so when anyone had any reading material, funny books, magazines, or anything, we would trade our food for a chance to borrow those items.  One day I saw a fellow with a nice, thick book.  I knew it would take a long time to read, so I offered him my pork chops, my potatoes, and all my main course food items for a week.  He accepted my offer and loaned me the book.  As I read it, I knew I was reading something very special and very true. The book for which I had sacrificed my food was titled the Book of Mormon.  When I had a chance, I found the missionaries, changed my habits, and am now finding a new way of life.  I love that book for which I traded my food’.” (Marvin J. Ashton, Ensign, May 1981, 23).

37 – “Sister Celia Cruz Ayala of the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission decided to give the Book of Mormon to a friend. She wrapped it in attractive paper and set out to deliver her present.

On the way she was attacked by a bandit who stole her purse and with it the wrapped copy of the Book of Mormon. A few days later she received this letter:

Mrs. Cruz:

Forgive me, forgive me. You will never know how sorry I am for attacking you. But because of it, my life has changed and will continue to change. That book [the Book of Mormon] has helped me in my life. The dream of that man of God has shaken me. … I am returning your five pesos for I can’t spend them. I want you to know that you seemed to have a radiance about you. That light seemed to stop me [from harming you, so] I ran away instead.

I want you to know that you will see me again, but when you do, you won’t recognize me, for I will be your brother. … Here, where I live, I have to find the Lord and go to the church you belong to.

The message you wrote in that book brought tears to my eyes. Since Wednesday night I have not been able to stop reading it. I have prayed and asked God to forgive me, [and] I ask you to forgive me. … I thought your wrapped gift was something I could sell. [Instead,] it has made me want to make my life over. Forgive me, forgive me, I beg you.

Your absent friend.

Such is the conversion power of the Book of Mormon.” (James E. Faust, Ensign, May 1996, pg. 40)

Book of Mormon Blessings

(D&C 20:13-16)

38 – Oh, how I can bear witness to the value of the scriptures in my life. I am absolutely convinced that they have answers to every problem in life. When a problem develops, after praying for instruction from the Lord, you ought to turn to the scriptures to find your answer.” (L. Tom Perry, TLDP, pg. 608)

39 – “...this book can help with personal problems in a very real way. Do you want to get rid of a bad habit? Do you want to improve relationships in your family? Do you want to increase your spiritual capacity? Read the Book of Mormon!” (Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, November 1999, pg. 71)

40 – “If [you] are acquainted with the revelations, there is no question C personal or social or political or occupational C that need go unanswered. Therein is contained the fullness of truth that will resolve every confusion and every problem and every dilemma that will face the human family or any individual in it.” (Boyd K. Packer, CES address, October 14, 1977)

“There isn’t a major problem we face that we can’t be immunized against if we know the revelations.” (Boyd K. Packer, CES address, October 14, 1977, pg. 7)

41 – “We often hear it said that the scriptures have the answers to all our questions.  Why is this so? It is not that the scriptures contain a specific answer to every question C even to every doctrinal question.  We have continuing revelation in our Church because the scriptures do not have a specific answer to every possible question. We say that the scriptures contain the answers to every question because the scriptures can lead us to every answer.” ...To state it again, even though the scriptures contain no words to answer our specific personal question, a prayerful study of the scriptures will help us obtain such answers. This is because scripture study will make us susceptible to the inspiration of the Holy Ghost...” (Dallin H. Oaks, Unpublished Thanksgiving Devotional, CES Address [Davis & Weber counties, November 24, 1985, pg. 19-21)

Thus the Book of Mormon will be with us ‘as long as the earth shall stand.’ We need all that time to explore it, for the book is like a vast mansion with gardens, towers, courtyards, and wings. There are rooms yet to be entered, with flaming fireplaces waiting to warm us. The rooms glimpsed so far contain further furnishings and rich detail yet to be savored, but decor dating from Eden is evident. There are panels inlaid with incredible insights, particularly insights about the great question. Yet we as Church members sometimes behave like hurried tourists, scarcely venturing beyond the entry hall.” (Neal A. Maxwell, Not My Will, But Thine, pg. 33)


by Scott L. Read

 1 – More Peace  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

 2 – More Truth  (Benson, Ensign-November 1986 p. 79)

 3 – More Happiness  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

 4 – More Commitment  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 81-82)

 5 – More Righteousness  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

 6 – More Abundance of Life  (Benson, Ensign-November 1986 p. 8)

 7 – More Personal Revelation  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 81-82)

 8 – More Effective Missionaries  (Benson, Ensign-Mission Presidents' Seminar, June 25, 1986)

 9 – More Guidance in Our Daily Lives  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 81-82)

10 – Greater Joy  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

11 – Greater Hope  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

12 – Greater Love  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

13 – Greater Faith  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

14 – Greater Wisdom  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

15 – Greater Charity  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

16 – Greater Humility

17 – Greater Reverence  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

18 – Greater Obedience  (Hinckley, Ensign-November 1979 p. 9)

19 – Greater Prosperity

20 – Greater Testimonies  (Hinckley, Ensign-November 1979 p. 9)

21 – Greater Family Strength  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 81-82)

22 – Greater Power to do Good  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 78)

23 – Greater Measure of Spirit  (Hinckley, Ensign-November 1979 p. 9)

24 – Greater Amount of Converts  (Benson, Ensign-Mission Presidents' Seminar, June 25, 1986)

25 – Greater Healing of the Soul  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 81-82)

26 – Greater Respect & Consideration  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

27 – Greater Relationship With Christ  (Hinckley, Ensign-November 1979 p. 9)

28 – Greater Understanding of Scriptures  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 78)

29 – Greater Ability to Avoid Materialism

30 – Greater Resistance to Temptation & Evil  (Benson, Ensign-November 1986 p. 8)

31 – Greater Ability to Conform to Gospel Laws

32 – Greater Understanding of Priesthood Duties

33 – Greater Understanding of the Full Gospel Plan

34 – Greater Ability to Stay on the Strait & Narrow  (Benson, Ensign-November 1986 p. 8)

35 – Greater Judgement Between Christ and Anti-Christ  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p. 78)

36 – Less Contention  (Romney, Ensign-May 1980 p. 67)

37 – Less False Doctrine  (Benson, Ensign-November 1986 p. 79)

38 – Less Deception From the Teachings of Men  (Benson, Ensign-November 1986 p. 79)

39 – Removal of Our Condemnation  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p.78)

40 – A Blessing Hitherto Unknown  (Benson, Ensign-May 1986 p.78)

The Book of Mormon:  Another Testament of Jesus Christ

--A Type and A Shadow--

2 Nephi 11:4; Moses 6:63


BOOK OF MORMON:     JSH 1:30-34                            CHRIST:          Luke 1:11-19


BOOK OF MORMON:     2 Thess. 2:3                              CHRIST:          Isaiah 60:2


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BOOK OF MORMON:     JS-H 1:53                                CHRIST:          John 20:14-17


BOOK OF MORMON:     Introduction of Book of Mormon          CHRIST:          Luke 6:14-16

(Testimonies of 3 Witnesses, 8 Witnesses, & Joseph Smith)                                                 

10 – --IS THE “WORD OF GOD”--

BOOK OF MORMON:     D&C 19:26                              CHRIST:          John 1:1-3, 14


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BOOK OF MORMON:     2 Nephi 9:32                            CHRIST:          John 12:40


BOOK OF MORMON:     Title Page and Introduction       CHRIST:          JST Luke 11:53


BOOK OF MORMON:     2 Nephi 27:21-22                                 CHRIST:          Matthew 24:3






"In the Book of Mormon we find a pattern for preparing for the Second Coming.  A major portion of the book centers on the few decades just prior to Christ's coming to America.  By careful study of that time period, we can determine why some were destroyed in the terrible judgements that preceded His coming and what brought others to stand at the temple in the land of Bountiful..." (Ezra Taft Benson, A Witness and a Warning, pg. 20-21)


(Includes Same material as 1 Nephi - Omni, small plates)


a.       Lehi, a religious teacher/preacher, fled the Old World to escape religious persecution

b.      Lehi, a descendant of the tribe of Joseph, a righteous patriarch, dreamed of the Tree of Life

c.       Nephi, fourth son of Lehi/prophet and seer, obtained a sacred record of the seed of Joseph

d.      Nephi was persecuted and his life was in danger

e.       Nephi, had the Holy Priesthood, established a church, built a temple

f.        Nephi, took his people away and built a city unto his name


a.       Pilgrim father fled the Old World under the leadership of religious teachers and preachers

b.      Joseph Smith Sr. a descendant of the tribe of Joseph, a righteous patriarch, dreamed of the Tree of Life

c.       Joseph Smith Jr. a fourth son, obtained a sacred record of the seed of Joseph

d.      Joseph Smith Jr. was persecuted and his life was in danger

e.       Joseph Smith Jr. had the Priesthood, established a church, built a temple

f.        Joseph Smith Jr. took his people away from an apostate environment and built Nauvoo; which was called "The city of Joseph"



a.       Righteous followers of Nephi were led by the Prophet Mosiah to a new place; Zarahemla

b.      Mosiah becomes their King

c.       Mosiah was also a prophet/seer

d.      Mosiah held the priesthood and established peace among his people

e.       The church was reestablished among the faithful

f.        Residue of the Nephites gathered back into the main fold

g.       Priesthood government over temporal affairs was brought to an end


a.       The Saints were led in establishing new homes in a new place; Zarahemla-Montrose, Iowa

b.      Brigham Young was anointed a king

c.       Brigham Young was also a prophet/seer

d.      Brigham Young held the priesthood and established peace among his people

e.       Brigham Young had the saints rededicated by undergoing a rebaptism

f.        Residue of the Saints gathered back into the main fold

g.       Priesthood government over civil and temporal affairs was brought to an end



a.       Chief judge and lesser judges appointed to govern the people

b.      Priestcrafts introduced among the people

c.       Schisms and apostasy took place

d.      Prophet relinquished all secular authority

e.       Second generation problems

f.        Missionary efforts increased church membership

g.       Lamanites caused problems

h.       Reformation undertaken with members of the Nephite church

i.         Church prospered

j.        Missionaries were sent out to the Lamanites followed by great conversions

k.      Anti-Christs make an appeal to the more educated Nephites

l.         Greater Lamanite uprisings took place among those not converted by missionary work

m.     Revolutionary activities began among Nephites and refusal to support the government to fight the enemies

n.       Sedition took place in high places of government


a.       Non-mormon Territorial Governor and judges appointed to govern the people

b.      Sectarian priestcrafts introduced among the people

c.       Schisms and apostasy took place

d.      Church leaders relinquished all secular authority

e.       Second generation problems

f.        Missionary efforts increased church membership

g.       Lamanites caused rebellion

h.       Church leaders call for a reformation

i.         Church prospered

j.        Missionaries were sent out to the Lamanites, particularly to Latin America, are followed by great results

k.      Anti-Christ philosophies/theories are taught in university settings

l.         Revolutions took place among the Latin American (Lamanite) people

m.     Revolutionary activities began in these countries and many refuse to support the government

n.       Sedition took place and continues to take place in high places of government



a.       Assassinations in high places marked this era in Nephite history

b.      Secret combinations almost overtake the government

c.       Nephite church prospered greatly and the increase in numbers was astounding

d.      Relationships between Nephites and Lamanites greatly increased

e.       Wide fluctuations in the faithfulness of the members of the Church and many dwindle in their righteousness and unbelief

f.        (Many had the tendency to forget the Lord their God)

g.       Lamanites began to wax more righteous than the Nephites

h.       Great priesthood powers began to be manifested to bring the people to repentance

i.         Mormon was astonished at the tremendous growth of the church in such a short time

j.        Samuel the Lamanite preached repentance to the Nephites and foretold the signs of Christ's appearance


a.       Assassinations in high places

b.      Secret combinations are at work in the governments

c.       The church prospered greatly and the increase in numbers was astounding

d.      Trade agreements between North America (Nephites) and Latin America (Lamanites)

e.       Wide fluctuations in the faithfulness of the members of the Church and many dwindle in their righteousness and unbelief

f.        (Many had the tendency to forget the Lord their God)

g.       Lamanites begin to blossom as a rose

h.       Great priesthood powers began to be manifested to bring the people to repentance



a.       The signs of Helaman began to be explained away by human reason

b.      Great Nephite falling away from the faith

c.       Persecution began against the righteous and continued to escalate

d.      Signs appear in the heavens

e.       Destruction of the wicked comes quickly

f.        Three great cities: (3 Nephi 8)

g.       Zarahemla - fire, Moroni - sinks into the sea, Moronihah - earthquake

h.       Compare pattern also found in New Testament (Matt. 11)

i.         Three great cities: Chorazin, Bethsaida, Capernaum

j.        The Savior appeared and reorganized his people in the Church

k.      (Only the more righteous were saved)

l.         The era of perfect peace began


a.       There will be many scoffers and many who will deny the signs in the last days

b.      Even the elect could be deceived

c.       Persecution against the righteous

d.      Signs appear in the heavens

e.       Destruction of the wicked comes quickly

f.        Three great cities: New York - earthquake, Albany - fire, Boston - swallowed by the sea

g.       The Savior appears and establishes His Kingdom

h.       (Only the more righteous were saved)

i.         The millennial era will begin



a.       Mormon's book

b.      Gives the description of the final war and destruction of a nation


a.       The Book of Mormon was written for us and for our day

b.      The ending of the millennium will bring about the final battle (Gog and Magog) and will bring the destruction of all wickedness



a.       Moroni includes the translation of an earlier nation; Jaredites experience the same patterns and cycles as the Nephites

b.      The book serves as a second witness to our generation and fulfills the requirements of the law of witnesses



a.       Moroni's caution and council to those who inherit The Book of Mormon

b.      Moroni supplies the signs of the only true church of Christ


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